Roof Ventilation Systems and Whirlybird Installation in Armadale

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Armadale Roof Restoration is a one-stop-hub for all vital roofing needs, that includes ventilation systems for different types of roofs: colorbond, tiles, terracotta, metal, etc.

Good roof ventilation is one of those things that most people don’t consider, but when an efficient ventilation system gets installed, the benefits are remarkable.

Benefits of Roofing Ventilation

Roofs are one of the most important structures in a house, its job is to provide shelter and protection. Roofs are exposed to weather elements like no other part of your property. It deals with heat, hail, fallen debris and more! A good roof should also act like a thermal barrier – keeping us cool in summer and warm in winter. A good roof ventilation system has many benefits:

  • improves your home’s thermal resilience
  • releases indoor moisture into the atmosphere
  • keeps you safer from mould and other bacteria
  • better air quality inside
Whirlybirds Installed On A Metal Roof

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Roofer Installing Ventilation Pipe On Roof

Popular Types of Roof Ventilation in Armadale

Our team will be able to discuss these and other options with you to find the most appropriate solution! Common ventilation systems include:

  • Whirlybirds or wind turbine
  • Box vents
  • Power vents
  • Ridge vents

Our Approach to Roof Ventilation Services in Armadale

  1. Armadale Roof Restoration will conduct a full roof and indoor assessment
  2. Feedback detailing our recommendations
  3. We’ll provide a detailed quote based on your preferred ventilation alternative
  4. Upon acceptance of our quotation, we’ll get into action.
  5. The first measure is to pinpoint the ideal placement for vents and pipes
  6. All equipment is laid and fixed
  7. Tidy up – we make sure no mess is left behind!

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Armadale Roof Restoration is fully insured and certified in their area of expertise. We have a multi-skilled team that includes roof plumbers, roof carpenters, roof inspectors and more. Our staff is fully trained on safety equipment use and best practice.

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We are a small business and are proud to be part of the Armadale community. Our trustworthy business is built on our reputation and word-of-mouth referrals.

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We have been operating as a local Armadale business for many years, which means we have built long-term relationships with our suppliers. This helps us keep our pricing high-quality services at reasonably competitive prices.

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